Xiamen Xinan Yihao Hotel


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Address:No.867 Xiahe Road, Xiamen, Fujian, China
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Xiamen Xinan Yihao Hotel is a brand-new masterpiece of Yihao brand of Jianfa tourism group. It is located in the bustling railway station business district, adjacent to Xiamen fashion landmark, high-end shopping center - Vientiane city and railway station, only 5 minutes' drive; The hotel has light luxury rooms and suites. Each room perfectly combines Xiamen ancient architectural culture with contemporary light luxury. It is the best choice for high-end business travelers.
The hotel is equipped with huancai gym, four seasons laundry and cafeteria, so that you can relax during your busy business trip and experience a different living life. Taking Gulangyu Island, Zhongshan Road, ancient buildings and the cultural background of the old street as the creative concept, combined with simple and fashionable design elements, deduces the contemporary light luxury art living space. The young space states the ancient story of Xiamen, and the blending of old and new cultures makes the space thick and full of vitality, bringing different spiritual intersection and visual experience to guests.
The location of the hotel is superior. It is located in the bustling railway station business district. It is only 5 minutes away from Xiamen railway station and Vientiane city and 11 minutes away from Wanshi botanical garden.